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Things went very well as I went 15-2 (88 percent) last week. My overall record is now 179-60, which has me at 75 percent for the season.


Adams (15-3, 7-0 NIC) at Saint Joseph (12-4, 7-2 NIC): The Indians claimed a 79-71 win over Adams a season ago. Sidney Jeffries tallied 12 points in the Eagles’ 73-68 loss to Michigan City. John Driscoll’s five points helped Saint Joseph to a 59-42 win over New Prairie. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 76, Adams 75.

Clay (3-13, 1-8 NIC) at Elkhart Central (6-9, 3-5 NIC): The Blazers soared to a 71-61 win against Clay last season. Verrontae Johnson came up with six points in the Colonials’ 71-32 win over Bremen. Donovan Johnson accounted for six points in Elkhart Central’s 56-54 loss to Jimtown. Matt’s pick: Elkhart Central 59, Clay 54.

Concord (1-13) at Glenn (13-5): The Minutemen rallied for a 55-52 victory against Glenn a year ago. Gavin Smith netted six points in Concord’s 47-25 loss to NorthWood. Silas Kaser finished with two points in the Falcons’ 68-52 loss to Adams. Matt’s pick: Glenn 63, Concord 51.

Jimtown (12-6, 5-4 NIC) at Marian (12-4, 7-1 NIC): The Jimmies suffered a 70-25 setback to Marian last year. Beau Berhams scored six points in Jimtown’s 49-43 loss to Northridge. Jerry Bracey had 20 points in the Knights’ 74-44 win over Elkhart Memorial. Matt’s pick: Marian 74, Jimtown 55.

Lakeland (6-11) at Goshen (9-7): The RedHawks earned 53-45 victory over Lakeland in their previous meeting. Bracey Shepherd added 17 points in the Lakers’ 60-52 loss to East Noble. Blak Wiess scored four points in Goshen’s 44-27 win over Plymouth. Matt’s pick: Goshen 50, Lakeland 39.

New Prairie (9-8, 1-6 NIC) at Mishawaka (7-8, 2-6 NIC): The Cavemen posted a 54-44 triumph against New Prairie last season. Rylan McBride accounted for five points for the Cougars against Saint Joseph. Latrell Franklin chipped in 10 points in Mishawaka’s 56-49 loss at Washington. Matt’s pick: Mishawaka 53, New Prairie 47.

Penn (7-9, 5-3 NIC) at Bremen (4-12, 0-8 NIC): The Kingsmen crowned Bremen, 79-50, a season ago. Evan Groves racked up three points in Penn’s 55-52 loss to Riley. Dawson Hickman registered two points for Bremen against Clay. Matt’s pick: Penn 65, Bremen 44.

Washington (11-8, 5-3 NIC) at Riley (10-7, 6-2 NIC): The Panthers dropped a 69-66 decision to Riley last year. Jayne Griffin paved the way with 22 points for the Panthers against Mishawaka. Tyson Lee amassed two points for the Wildcats against Penn. Matt’s pick: Washington 79, Riley 76.

West Noble (5-11) at NorthWood (12-4): The Chargers were a 64-47 winner over NorthWood a year ago. Austin Cripe recorded 22 points in West Noble’s 52-51 loss to LaVille. Cooper Weins’ eight points helped the Panthers against Concord. Matt’s pick: NorthWood 61, West Noble 44


Bremen (4-13, 0-9 NIC) at Washington (12-8, 6-3 NIC): The Panthers rolled to a 77-61 win over Bremen a season ago. Tony Hardin finished with 15 points in the Lions’ 59-40 loss to Penn. Demarcus Vaughn tallied 28 points in Washington’s 73-67 overtime triumph over Riley. Matt’s pick: Washington 71, Bremen 50.

Concord (1-14, 0-6 NLC) at Northridge (13-5, 6-0 NLC): The Minutemen came up on the short end of two decisions last year against Northridge by scores of 78-69 and 57-42. Paxton Starrett accounted for three points in Concord’s 59-38 setback to Glenn. Drew Gayler chipped in three points in the Raiders’ 73-36 win over Wawasee. Matt’s pick: Northridge 65, Concord 45.

Elkhart Central (6-10, 3-6 NIC) at Penn (8-9, 6-3 NIC): The Kingsmen cruised to a 64-35 win over Elkhart Central last season. Luke Teich’s 12 points were not enough for the Blazers in their 67-36 loss to Clay. Derek Derda notched a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds for Penn against Bremen. Matt’s pick: Penn 64, Elkhart Central 57.

Elkhart Memorial (10-8, 4-2 NLC) at NorthWood (13-4, 4-2 NLC): The Chargers marched past NorthWood, 57-46, a year ago. Lashawn Whitener scored two points for Elkhart Memorial against Marian. Josh Stratford accounted for seven points in the Panthers’ 55-44 win over West Noble. Matt’s pick: NorthWood 52, Elkhart Memorial 51.

Goshen (10-7, 2-4 NLC) at Wawasee (11-6, 2-4 NLC): The RedHawks needed two overtimes to claim a 42-41 win against Wawasee in their last meeting. Drew Hogan registered 30 points in Goshen’s 61-52 win over Lakeland. Jaydon Boyer mustered just two points for the Raiders against Northridge. Matt’s pick: Goshen 46, Wawasee 45.

Marian (13-4, 8-1 NIC) at Clay (4-13, 2-8 NIC): The No. 7 (Class 3A) Knights crowned Marian, 70-55, last season. Kyrell Franklin contributed two points in Marian;s 48-31 win over Jimtown. Josh Black had 12 points for the Colonials against Elkhart Central. Matt’s pick: Marian 76, Clay 63.

Mishawaka (8-8, 3-6 NIC) at Adams (16-3, 8-0 NIC): The Eagles posted two victories over Mishawaka last year by counts of 67-58 and 61-37. Trent Johnson paved the way with 27 points for the Cavemen in their 58-44 win over New Prairie. Jessie Morgan recorded six points for Adams in its 65-64 win against Saint Joseph. Matt’s pick: Adams 70, Mishawaka 60.

Plymouth (6-13, 3-3 NLC) at Warsaw (10-6, 3-3 NLC): The Pilgrims suffered a 54-41 loss to Warsaw during the 2018-19 campaign. Adam Hunter racked up 10 points in Plymouth’s 67-42 loss to No. 5 (Class 2A) Westview. Keegan Larsh ended up with six points in the Tigers’ 59-46 loss to Elkhart Memorial. Matt’s pick: Warsaw 41, Plymouth 33.

Riley (10-8, 6-3 NIC) at New Prairie (9-9, 1-7 NIC): The Wildcats clawed past New Prairie, 59-49, a year ago. Blake Wesley totaled 35 points for Riley against Washington. Evan Foerg drained nine points for the Cougars against Mishawaka. Matt’s pick: Riley 67, New Prairie 51.

Saint Joseph (12-5, 7-3 NIC) at Glenn (14-5, 4-5 NIC): The No. 9 (Class 3A) Indians cruised to a 77-51 win against Glenn a season ago. Cole Hatkevich’s seven points were not enough for Saint Joseph against Adams. Carter Yung’s 13 points helped the Falcons fly past Concord. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 72, Glenn 68.


Saint Joseph (13-5) at NorthWood (13-5): The Panthers dropped a 52-39 contest to Saint Joseph last year. Will Terry poured in 17 points in the Indians’ 69-61 win over Glenn. Trent Edwards’s 10 points were not enough for NorthWood in its 55-40 loss to Elkhart Memorial. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 61, NorthWood 59.

Wawasee (12-6) at Mishawaka (8-9): The Cavemen went to overtime to escape with 48-45 victory against Wawasee last season. Austin Miller tallied 27 points in the Warriors’ 49-47 win over Goshen, Alex Boggs had 12 points in Mishawaka’s 70-47 loss to Adams. Matt’s pick: Mishawaka 50, Wawasee 48.

Warsaw (11-6) at Wabash (13-3): The Apaches were a 66-38 loser to Warsaw during the 1982-83 season. Jaylen Coon netted eight points for the Tigers in their 49-36 win over Plymouth. Joe Leland’s nine points helped Wabash to a 45-44 win over Rochester. Matt’s pick: Wabash 44, Warsaw 42.