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Some improvement was made as I went 20-4 (83 percent) last week. My overall record is now 110-45, which bumps me up to 71 percent for the season.


Bremen (3-6) at Elkhart Christian (3-6): The Lions clawed past Elkhart Christian, 58-46, a year ago. Zack Czarnecki tallied two points in Bremen’s 57-38 win over Bethany Christian. Noah Hunt scored four points in the Eagles’ 52-48 overtime loss to Fort Wayne Canterbury. Matt’s pick: Bremen 50, Elkhart Christian 40.

Elkhart Memorial (4-6) at Washington (6-6): The Panthers edged Elkhart Memorial, 64-61, a season ago. Brandon Brooks registered eight points in the Chargers’ 85-61 loss to Adams. Cortez Redmond had five points in Washington’s 50-34 win over New Prairie. Matt’s pick: Washington 61, Elkhart Memorial 49.

Marian (6-2, 3-1 NIC) at Saint Joseph (8-1, 3-0 NIC): The No. 10 (Class 3A) Knights eliminated No, 5 (Class 3A) Saint Joseph from last year’s Class 3A sectional with a 47-34 victory. Kyrell Franklin came up with four points in Marian’s 51-48 win over Mishawaka. J.R. Konieczny poured in 34 points in the Indians’ 68-49 win over Jimtown. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 73, Marian 69.

Wheeler (0-11) at New Prairie (5-4): The Cougars claimed a 35-31 win over Wheeler during the 2015-16 campaign. Cole Kostbade accounted for 15 points in the Bearcats’ 49-29 loss to Griffith. Braydon Flagg recorded seven points for New Prairie against Washington. Matt’s pick: New Prairie 52, Wheeler 38.


Glenn (8-2, 3-2 NIC) at Penn (4-5, 2-1 NIC): The Falcons suffered a 77-41 setback to Penn last season. Silas Kaser totaled four points in Glenn’s 59-38 win over Triton. Evan Groves ended up with four points in the Kingsmen’s 54-48 loss at Valparaiso. Matt’s pick: Penn 67, Glenn 65.

Mishawaka (5-5, 1-3 NIC) at Jimtown (7-4, 2-2 NIC): The Cavemen claimed a 56-55 win over Jimtown in their previous meeting. Raheem Braiton finished with four points for Mishawaka against Marian. Blake Garretson racked up two points for the Jimmies against Saint Joseph. Matt’s pick: Jimtown 51, Mishawaka 50.

Saint Joseph (8-2, 3-1 NIC) at Clay (2-8, 0-5 NIC): The Indians cruised to an 81-45 win over Clay last year. Jack Futa was limited to three points in Saint Joseph’s 50-48 loss to Marian. Robert Allen added 18 points in the Colonials’ 66-60 loss to Adams. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 77, Clay 60.

Washington (6-7, 2-2 NIC) at Adams (12-1, 5-0 NIC): The Panthers dropped a 61-60 decision to Adams in the 2018-19 season. Jylen Petty ended up with 12 points in Washington’s 66-65 loss to Elkhart Memorial. Chuck Worsham accounted for six points for the Eagles against Elkhart Memorial. Matt’s pick: Adams 79, Washington 70.


Bremen (3-7, 0-4 NIC) at Elkhart Central (4-5, 2-2 NIC): The Blazers posted a 44-35 win over Bremen last year. Ty Feldman accounted for four points in the Lions’ 60-46 loss to Elkhart Christian. Donovan Johnson added eight points in Elkhart Central’s 55-47 loss to Riley. Matt’s pick: Elkhart Central 62, Bremen 47.

Concord (0-8, 0-2 NLC) at Plymouth (5-8, 2-0 NLC): The Minutemen came up on the short end of a 57-45 contest to Plymouth a season ago. Jack D’Arcy managed only two points in Concord’s 60-33 loss to Goshen. Brady Hissong scored six points in the Pilgrims’ 45-43 loss at Tippecanoe Valley. Matt’s pick: Plymouth 51, Concord 38.

Elkhart Memorial (5-6, 1-1 NLC) at Wawasee (7-4, 0-2 NLC): The Chargers marched past Wawasee, 50-28, last season. D’Arjon Lewis scored 11 points for Elkhart Memorial against Washington. Ethan Hardy racked up 14 points in the Warriors’ 54-38 loss to NorthWood. Matt’s pick: Elkhart Memorial 53, Wawasee 49.

Goshen (7-3, 1-1 NLC) at Warsaw (8-3, 1-1 NLC): The Tigers cruised to a 61-39 win at Goshen a year ago. Drew Hogan registered 19 points for the RedHawks against Concord. Bishop Walters had eight points in Warsaw’s 59-55 loss at Northridge. Matt’s pick: Warsaw 58, Goshen 50.

Northridge (6-5, 2-0 NLC) at NorthWood (9-3, 1-1 NLC): The Raiders slipped by NorthWood, 48-45, in their last matchup. Trevor Brown amassed only two points for Northridge against Warsaw. Jamarr Jackson tallied 14 points for the Panthers against Wawasee. Matt’s pick: Northridge 60, NorthWood 55.

Riley (6-4, 3-1 NIC) at Marian (7-2, 4-1 NIC): The Knights dropped a 76-64 decision at Riley last year. Jackson Copley’s eight points lifted the Wildcats past Elkhart Central. Darren Thornton’s two points helped Marian over Saint Joseph. Matt’s pick: Marian 75, Riley 71.


Culver Academy (6-4) at Saint Joseph (9-2): The defending Class 3A state runner-up Eagles eliminated Saint Joseph from the 2018 state tournament with a 72-44 triumph. Trey Galloway poured in 29 points in Culver Academy’s 87-46 win over Fort Wayne North. Jack Futa amassed 23 points in the Indians’ 89-51 win over Clay. Matt’s pick: Culver Academy 74, Saint Joseph 71.

Glenn (8-3) at Knox (7-4): The Falcons soared to a 62-56 win over Knox in the 2017-18 campaign. Jake Frankiewicz was held to three points in Glenn’s 67-53 loss to Penn. Cade Short added 13 points in the Redskins’ 61-46 to LaVille.. Matt’s pick: Glenn 52, Knox 44.

LaVille (6-3) at Elkhart Memorial (6-6): The Lancers and Elkhart Memorial have never met before on the basketball court. Bobby Good contributed nine points for LaVille against Knox. Titus Rodgers poured 15 points in the Chargers’ 59-51 win over Wawasee. Matt’s pick: Elkhart Memorial 60, LaVille 55.

Penn (5-5, 3-1 NIC) at New Prairie (6-4, 1-3 NIC): The Kingsmen crowned New Prairie, 66-43, a season ago. Markus Burton recorded 23 points for Penn against Glenn. Chase Ketterer racked up 17 points in the Cougars’ 61-39 win over Wheeler. Matt’s pick: Penn 69, New Prairie 51.

Valparaiso (9-5) at Washington (6-8): The Vikings marched to a 69-48 win over Washington last year. Brandon Mack accounted for eight points in Valparaiso’s 64-57 loss to Michigan City. Jason Jones’ six points were not enough for the Panthers against Adams. Matt’s pick: Valparaiso 72, Washington 64.