IHSAA to Recognize Rochester Sentinel’s Val Tsoutsouris on Friday  An award‐winning journalist for one of Indiana’s great hometown newspapers, Val Tsoutsouris, is this year’s  recipient of the IHSAA’s Distinguished Media Service Award for District 1.    Tsoutsouris’ contributions to education based athletics will be recognized this Friday (Feb. 9) at Rochester  Community High School when the Zebras host Three Rivers Conference rival Wabash in boys basketball action.  Commissioner Bobby Cox and Sports Information Director Jason Wille will make the presentation.    Val has been the sports editor of The Rochester Sentinel, a six‐day newspaper  serving the city of Rochester and the surrounding area of north central Indiana,  since 2004. He covers Rochester, Tippecanoe Valley, Caston, North Miami,  Winamac, Argos and Culver Community High School sports.   When Tsoutsouris accepted the position in August 2004, he jumped  immediately into football season with only a week to complete football  previews for the newspaper. He got it done and hasn’t stopped since, according  to Rochester Community High School Principal Adam Strasser.    “I believe Val has transcended the position of just sports writer,” says Strasser.  “He is a fixture in our community. An athletic contest wouldn’t seem the same  without seeing Val walking up the bleachers or sitting in the gym.”    And it isn’t just football and basketball for Tsoutsouris. He reports on all the local teams in volleyball, tennis,  wrestling, swimming, cross country, track, baseball, softball and golf matches, too.    His efforts have earned him awards recognition from the Hoosier State Press Association in 13 different  categories since 2005, including first‐place awards for Sports Event Coverage and Best Sports Column Writing  in 2009 and Best Sports Event Coverage in 2014. The Associated Press Media Editors presented him with its  Division I Best Sports Column award in 2016.    Tsoutsouris is a native of Munster and a 1991 graduate of Munster High School. He moved on to Indiana  University and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing and a master’s degree in  sport management/athletic administration and journalism.    He is the son of Dr. George and Charlene Tsoutsouris of Munster, and the brother of Vaughn Tsoutsouris of  Phoenix, AZ.    This is the 33rd year the IHSAA has recognized outstanding members of the Indiana news media from each of  its three legislative districts for excellence in the coverage of high school sports. District 1 covers 22 counties  across northern Indiana.  Award recipients are selected by members of the IHSAA Executive Committee from  nominations received from member school administrators. Val is the third recipient to be honored this school  year joining Eric and Stacy Cox of the Knightstown Banner and Dave Young of WZDM Radio in Vincennes.

The following individuals have been honored:

Adams, Bob, Berne Tri-Weekly News, WZBD, Berne, 2007-08, Dist. 2
Adams, Charlie, WSBT-TV, South Bend, 2006-07, Dist. 1
Akers, Chuck, WFLQ, French Lick, 2007-08, Dist. 3
Amey, Andy, Terre Haute Tribune-Star, 1995-96, Dist. 3
Ammerman, Joe, WNVI, North Vernon, 1999-00, Dist. 4
Angelopolous, Jimmie, Indianapolis News, 1984-85, Dist. 3
Arredondo, Joe, WYIN-TV, Merrillville, 1998-99, Dist. 1

Baker, Jerry, IHSAA Network, 2000-01, Dist. 3
Barnet, Bob, Muncie Star, 1985-86, Dist. 4
Beas, Mike, 2008-09, Dist. 2
Beck, Bill, Elkhart Truth, 2013-14, Dist. 1
Beitler, Paul, Bluffton News-Banner, 2000-01, Dist. 2
Bell, Greg, WIOU/WZWZ, Kokomo, 1993-94, Dist. 2
Bernhardt, Don, Evansville Courier, 1984-85, Dist. 5
Blake, Mike, WFIE-TV, Evansville, 1997-98, Dist. 5
Bohne, Brian, Ferdinand News/Spencer County Leader, 2003-04, Dist. 3
Breach, Chris, Logansport Pharos-Tribune, 2004-05, Dist. 1
Bridge, Bob, Bedford Times-Mail, 1996-97, Dist. 5
Brochin, Mark, WWBL, Washington, 2011-12, Dist. 3
Brooks, Rod, WXXP, Anderson, 1997-98, Dist. 4
Brunner, Jim, WBAT, Marion, 1998-99, Dist. 2
Buchberger, Jim, Lawrenceburg Register, 1994-95, Dist. 4
Byrum, Tom, Winchester News-Gazette, 2004-05, Dist. 2

Calabro, Dave, WTHR-TV, Indianapolis, 2010-11, Dist. 2
Carnegie, Tom, WRTV-TV, Indianapolis, 1985-86, Dist. 3
Clark, Jan, Richmond Palladium-Item, 1995-96, Dist. 4
Collins, Tom, Evansville Courier & Press, 2006-07, Dist. 3
Condry, Paul, Regional Radio, Crown Point, 1999-00, Dist. 1
Cooney, Ray, Portland Commercial-Review, 2011-12, Dist. 2
Corfman, Ron, Ripley County Publishing, 1998-99, Dist. 4
Costin, Jim, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, 1987-88, Dist. 2
Cox, Eric & Stacy, Knightstown Banner, 2017-18, Dist. 2

Davis, Len, WGL Radio, Fort Wayne, 1994-95, Dist. 2
Dedrick, Dave, WUME/WSEZ, Paoli, 1995-96, Dist. 5
DeFay, Dick, WKJG-TV, Fort Wayne, 1990-91, Dist. 2
Derf, Rick, WTCA, Plymouth, 1995-96, Dist. 1
Doades, Keith, Media Five Sports, 2013-14, Dist. 3
Douglas, Tom, Spencer Evening World, 1999-00, Dist. 3
Downey, Mark, Bloomfield Evening World, 2002-03, Dist. 3

Easter, Jon, WBDG Radio, Ben Davis HS, 2015-16, Dist. 2
Egierski, Dan, WGBF Radio, Evansville, 2001-02, Dist. 3

Ferber, Walt, WITZ Radio, Jasper, 2010-11, Dist. 3
Fields, Steve, Greencastle Banner-Graphic, 1991-92, Dist. 3
Fillmore, Ken, Angola Herald Republican, 2015-16, Dist. 1
Fisse, Frank, Indianapolis Star, 1987-88, Dist. 3
Ford, Bob, Kokomo Tribune, 1986-87, Dist. 2
Freeby, Chuck, WHME-TV & Radio, 2010-11, Dist. 1
Frye, George, Huntington Herald-Press, 1992-93, Dist. 2

Garmon, Michelle, Tipton Tribune, 1997-98, Dist. 3
Gates, Hilliard, WKJG-TV, Fort Wayne, 1984-85, Dist. 2
Goffinet, Larry, Tell City News, 1991-92, Dist. 5
Gratz, Ivan, WISH-TV, Indianapolis, 1998-99, Dist. 3
Gregg, Scott, Carmel H.S./Metropolitan Conference, 2003-04, Dist. 2
Grossman, Roger, WRSW, Warsaw, 2009-10, Dist. 1
Guilliams, Cliff, Evansville Courier & Press, 2008-09, Dist. 3

Hall, Norman, WBNL, Boonville, 1993-94, Dist. 5
Hamilton, Ed, Elwood Call-Leader, 1996-97, Dist. 4
Hamnik, Al, Gary Post-Tribune, 1996-97, Dist. 1
Hanna, Bill, North Vernon Plain Dealer-Sun, 1990-91, Dist. 4
Harrell, John, Bloomington Herald-Times, 1994-95, Dist. 5
Hartnett Sr., John, WSVL, Shelbyville, 1992-93, Dist. 4
Harvey, Sam, WLPK, Connersville, 2015-16, Dist. 3
Hein, Don, WTHR-TV, Indianapolis, 1994-95, Dist. 3
Helvie, Bryan, Batesville Herald-Tribune, 2014-15, Dist. 3
Herman, Steve, Associated Press, 1996-97, Dist. 3
Hess, Milt, WHZR, Logansport, 1997-98, Dist. 1
Hill, Ken, Sports Hotline, Marion, 1989-90, Dist. 2
Hodge, John, New Castle Courier-Times, 2000-01, Dist. 4
Hole, Michael, WFLQ, French Lick, 2007-08, Dist. 3
Houser, Lynn, Bloomington Herald-Times, 2012-13, Dist. 3
Hunter, Dave, WAOV, Vincennes, 1992-93, Dist. 5
Huppert, Dean, WSJV-TV, South Bend, 2002-03, Dist. 1

Jellison, Don, Noblesville Ledger, 1988-89, Dist. 3
Jenkins, Charlie, WXVW, Jeffersonville, 1988-89, Dist. 5
Jerome, Jim, WAXI, Rockville, 1989-90, Dist. 3
Jones, Carl, Terre Haute Tribune-Star, 1992-93, Dist. 3
Jones, Chip, WLOI/WCOE, LaPorte, 2016-17, Dist. 1
Jones, H. O. (Whitey), Corydon Democrat, 1987-88, Dist. 5

Kasey, Dennis, WHMB TV-40, Indianapolis, 2009-10, Dist. 2
Kelly, Lee, New Albany H.S./WNAS Radio, 2004-05, Dist. 3
Kirts, Rex, Bloomington Herald-Times, 1985-86, Dist. 5
Kitchell, Dave, Kokomo Tribune, 1996-97, Dist. 2
Knezevich, Mike, Regional Radio Sports Network, 2008-09, Dist. 1
Koontz, Arv, Seymour Tribune, 1989-90, Dist. 5
Kraft, Dennis, Elkhart Truth, 1988-89, Dist. 2
Krider, Dave, LaPorte Herald-Argus, 1985-86, Dist. 1

Lambright, Leroy, Goshen News, 1985-86, Dist. 2
Lankford, Richard, WRAY, Princeton, 2009-10, Dist. 3
Lemasters, Ron, Muncie Star, 1991-92, Dist. 4
Lingle, Corky, WTCA, Plymouth, 1995-96, Dist. 1
Lovell, Bob, Indiana Sports Talk, 2002-03, Dist. 2

Mannies, Morry, WLBC, Muncie, 1989-90, Dist. 4
McCord, Andy, WJOT, Wabash, 2012-13, Dist. 1
McKee, Pat, Indianapolis Star, 2001-02, Dist. 2
Miller, Forrest, South Bend Tribune, 1991-92, Dist. 2
Mishler, Earl, LaPorte Herald-Argus, 1994-95, Dist. 1
Montgomery, Mike, WSAL-WLHM, Logansport, 2000-01, Dist. 1
Moritz, Steve, 860 AM ESPN; WMRI, Marion, 2014-15, Dist. 2
Morrow, Mark, Hamilton County Sports Daily, 2013-14, Dist. 2
Musselman, David, WROI Radio, Rochester, 2003-04, Dist. 1
Mutka, John, Gary Post-Tribune, 1986-87, Dist. 1

Nagle, Bob, WHME-TV 46, 2014-15, Dist. 1
Nuest, Keith, Kouts Times, 1993-94, Dist. 1

Overholser, Bill, WIBN, Fowler, 1992-93, Dist. 1

Paligraf, Phil, Comcast Spotlight, Indianapolis, 2013-14, Dist. 2
Pantazi, Dean, WPTA-TV, Fort Wayne, 1999-00, Dist. 2
Powers, Bob, Connersville News-Examiner, 1986-87, Dist. 4
Price, Rita, WRSW Radio, Warsaw, 2001-02, Dist. 1

Quigley, John, Portage Journal Press, 1990-91, Dist. 1

Rallo, Curt, South Bend Tribune, 1995-96, Dist. 2
Reck, Tom, Terre Haute Tribune-Star, 1986-87, Dist. 3
Redfield, Bill, Michigan City News-Dispatch, 1984-85, Dist. 1
Ross, Tony, WTCA, Plymouth, 2005-06, Dist. 1
Russell, Jim, Indianapolis News, 1993-94, Dist. 3

Salomon, John, WNJY, Monticello, 1991-92, Dist. 1
Schneider, Mark, Indianapolis Star, 1990-91, Dist. 3
Schweizer, Larry, WBNL, Boonville, 1998-99, Dist. 5
Semmler, Rick, WTHI-TV, Terre Haute, 2016-17, Dist. 3
Shahbaz, Marty, Lake County Star, 1987-88, Dist. 1
Siegfried, Paul, Huntington Herald-Press, 2007-08, Dist. 1
Simmermaker, Sam, WCSI Radio, Columbus, 1984-85, Dist. 4
Simmers, Bob, WITZ, Jasper, 1986-87, Dist. 5
Smith, Joe, WBWB, Bloomington, 1990-91, Dist. 5
Stigleman, Phil, WKBV, Richmond, 1988-89, Dist. 4
Stimpson, Dick, WNUY AM FM, Bluffton, 2006-07, Dist. 2
Swanson, Pete, Princeton Clarion, 1999-00, Dist. 5
Swartz, Stu, Goshen News, 2011-12, Dist. 1

Taylor, Graham, Madison Courier, 1987-88, Dist. 4
Teverbaugh, Rick, Anderson Herald-Bulletin, 2012-13, Dist. 2
Throckmorton, Ted, WAVG, Jeffersonville, 2000-01, Dist. 5
Tsoutsouris, Val, Rochester Sentinel, 2017-18, Dist. 1
Turner, Vince, WTRC, Elkhart, 1997-98, Dist. 2

Vanderwielen, Rick, HomeTown Sports Indiana / IHSAA Champions Network, 2016-17, Dist. 2

Washburn, Jeff, Lafayette Journal & Courier, 1988-89, Dist. 1
Weaver, Rob, WPGW AM FM, Portland, 2005-06, Dist. 2
Weller, Jeff, WLBC, Muncie, 1993-94, Dist. 4
Welter, Harold, WKVI, Knox, 1989-90, Dist. 1
Wilkerson, Lance, WEHT-TV, Evansville, 2005-06, Dist. 3

Young, Dave, WZDM FM, Vincennes, 2017-18, Dist. 3