Positively Promoting the Student Athlete Since 1992

The Indiana High School Athletic Association staunchly supports our Governor, our State Commissioner of
Health and our State Superintendent of Public Instruction in their herculean efforts during the COVID-19
pandemic. We are extremely fortunate in Indiana to have these exemplary leaders providing guidance and care
to all Hoosiers.
With the announcement today of the closure of K-12 schools throughout Indiana for the remainder of the
school year, the IHSAA announces the cancellation of all spring sports tournament series events for the 2019-
20 school year.
It is imperative that our students, coaches, officials, administrators and parents be encouraged in every manner
to adhere to the guidance provided by our leadership. The Association understands the extreme seriousness of
this pandemic and joins in support of current measures being implemented as well as future considerations. In
unwavering support yet with extreme sadness, we must cancel our spring sports programming. We join all
Hoosiers in anticipation of a triumphant homecoming back to our schools in the fall of 2020 complete with a full
complement of IHSAA sports.
The Association continues to remind its member schools and the general public to follow the guidance of the
governor and the Indiana State Department of Health via IN.gov/coronavirus