“Promoting education based athletics in Indiana”

Indiana Pacers (NBA) president Kevin Pritchard was quoted in the Indianapolis Star as saying “We take pictures (film) of our bench all the time.” Do you know why?

They use those pictures and film to monitor how players react when they are taken out of the game and most importantly how they are representing the Indiana Pacers while not on the court.

This shows the importance of staying engaged in a positive way.  It also shows the importance of team over individual performance and having a good attitude on and off the court/field. I’m sure Pritchard is always looking for the bench to be a positive influence, not one of negativity.

What would a picture of your bench look like? Whether it’s basketball, football, softball or any other team sport, the bench tells the underlying story about the team itself. Whether you start or come off of the bench, know that spectators are watching the bench as well as those on the court and field!

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