“Promoting education based athletics in Indiana”

Have you ever been in a game where your team was the prohibitive underdog and you came out victorious? If you play sports long enough, I’m sure that you will experience both the pleasure of winning in that situation, and the agony of losing when it should never happen.

This past week the number one seed in the men’s NCAA Tournament, the Virginia Cavaliers, lost unexpectedly to 20-point underdog UMBC. Virginia coach Tony Bennett offered a humble response when he said “If you play this game and you step into the arena, this stuff can happen. And maybe those who haven’t been in the arena or in competition, maybe they don’t understand that.”

Being able to handle winning and losing with the same humility is a great trait to strive for. Coach Bennett made no excuses and congratulated his opponent without hesitation.

As a student-athlete, you are in that arena, regardless of your sport. At the end, be humble with the result by showing your opponent that you understand that on any given day, either side can win or lose that particular game or event!

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