“Promoting education based athletics in Indiana”

With the new school year in full bloom and fall sports taking shape, are you doing a good job of prioritizing what your goals are for this school year? Is it different than last year? What did you learn last year that is guiding your decision making so far this year?

Having been in your shoes before, and speaking on behalf of many other athletes and coaches, your order of priority, when it comes to being a successful student-athlete, should be the following:

First comes the classroom and your academic progress (Develop great study habits). Second, dedicate yourself to the sport you are presently playing or plan to play. Third, balance your social life and social activities (Sacrifices need to be made).

The student-athletes that do the best job of balancing these three different challenges have the best chance of becoming the student-athletes that teachers, high school coaches, and potential college coaches admire the most!

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