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MARION, Ind. – As the world navigates COVID-19, IWU Athletics has dealt with dramatic changes and the loss of a sports season for many athletes. Seniors were in the midst of performing for the last time, taken off the court or mat, and not given the time to be with their teammates in their last competitions. Though we realize it is just sports, the Wildcat community all over the country is hurting in a variety of ways that are much more serious. During this time, we want to support those connected to IWU Athletics.

“While we are all dealing with loss from this pandemic, we believe true mission and culture is revealed in the greatest moments of pressure,” says Mark DeMichael, Director of Athletics. “It is during times of crisis that we believe the IWU Athletic family must press into prayer, Scripture, and community. We believe that 18 programs united together in one mission can make us all stronger in the midst of this storm”

The department is stepping into this moment and hoping to provide two avenues of support, encouragement and community to it’s wide network of alumni, fans, families, and supporters.

The first step is #18UNITED gatherings. Beginning Monday, March 30 from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM, IWU Athletics will host an open time of prayer, encouragement, and connection through Zoom to make us stronger through the storm. You will hear stories from AD Mark DeMichael, IWU Coaches, and others about how they are facing their fears and going deeper in the midst of the storm. We are asking alumni, fans, athletic trainers, current athletes, and supporters associated with any of our 18 programs to join us during this time.

The second step is #18UNITED connections. Amongst our 18 programs, we have a wide network of alums, families, fans, and supporters. In these uncertain moments, it is our desire to tap into this network to connect, provide, and support any needs that arise.

• The Coronavirus has created an unexpected void or needs in my life.
• You are immunocompromised and it would be helpful for someone in your area to go grocery shopping for you.
• You would love a current athlete or coach to pray with you over the phone.

The vision of living Philippians 2:1-11 is more important than ever during this time. If you are connected to the history of IWU Athletics and have needs, we invite you to follow the link to share with us.

DeMichael concludes, “We want to emerge stronger, fearless, and united on the other side of this crisis. We are #18united!”