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  1. Marian (6-0): Jayson Johnson came up with six receptions for 64 yards in the No. 2 (Class 3A) Knights’ 20-16 win at Penn.
  2. Elkhart (5-0): Jaiven Sharp ran for a pair of scores in the No. 6 (Class 6A) Lions’ 49-6 win over Saint Joseph.
  3. Warsaw (5-1): Julius Jones scampered 11 times for 170 yards in the Tigers’ 41-28 win over Goshen.
  4. Northridge (4-1): Breckin Judd’s 10-yard touchdown reception lifted the Raiders to a 7-0 win at NorthWood.
  5. New Prairie (4-2): Koley Weinberg had a fumble recovery in the Cougars’ 30-26 win over Adams.


Bremen (3-3): Blake Dingus rambled 32 times for 242 yards and two scores in the Lions’ 28-8 win at Glenn.

Concord (3-2): Hunter Dutton threw a pair of touchdown passes for the Minutemen in their 36-19 loss at Mishawaka.

Jimtown (3-2): Cole Thompson came up with a 39-yard scoring run in the Jimmies’ 49-6 win over Clay.

NorthWood (2-2): Parker Filley registered two catches for 63 yards for the Panthers against Northridge.

Riley (3-3): James Boyd rambled 16 yards for a score in the Wildcats’ 24-21 win over Washington.


Mishawaka (2-3): DaVonn Parker grabbed a 40-yard touchdown pass for the Cavemen against Concord.

Plymouth (1-5): Devonte Garcia hauled in a 34-yard touchdown pass in the Rockies’ 37-12 win over Wawasee.


Adams (3-3): Toryn Day tossed for 201 yards and four scores for the Eagles against New Prairie.

Clay (1-5): James Johnson had a 60-yard scoring romp for the Colonials against Jimtown.

Glenn (3-3): Melachi Wright came up with a safety for the Falcons against Bremen.

Goshen (1-2): Colin Turner went 12-of-28 for 265 yards with a touchdown and ran for 44 yards and another score for the RedHawks against Warsaw.

Penn (2-4): Nick Favilla had 12 receptions for 115 yards for the Kingsmen against Marian.

Saint Joseph (2-4): Tyrick Kamau had 15 carries for 58 yards and a score for the Indians against Elkhart.

Washington (1-5): Ty’Shaun Grundy raced 61 yards for a touchdown for the Panthers against Riley.

Wawasee (2-4): Dominic Blair ran for a touchdown and caught a pass for another tally for the Warrios against Plymoutn.


Adams (3-3) at Elkhart (5-0): The Eagles allowed six points in their three wins and 86 points in their three losses.

Glenn (3-3) at LaVille (3-0): The Lancers have not started 4-0 since 2016.

Mishawaka (2-3) at NorthWood (2-2): The Cavemen have not registered a losing season since 1998.

New Prairie (4-2) at Riley (3-3): The Wildcats have not won four straight contests since 1996.

Penn (2-4) at Saint Joseph (2-4): The Kingsmen have not lost three consecutive games since the end of the 2007 season and the start of the 2008 campaign.