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February didn’t begin very well as I went 13-6 (68 percent) last week. This leaves my overall record at 179-47, which is good for 79 percent.


Goshen (5-11, 1-4 NLC) at Plymouth (2-15, 0-5 NLC): The RedHawks claimed a 44-27 win over Plymouth a year ago. Deecon Hill scored 16 points for Goshen against Mishawaka. Tanner Feece had two points in the Pilgrims’ 32-24 loss to No. 10 (Class 2A) Westview. Matt’s pick: Goshen 43, Plymouth 38.

Northridge (11-4, 3-2 NLC) at Wawasee (7-8, 1-4 NLC): The Raiders cruised to a 73-36 win over Wawasee last season. Clay Stoltzfus scored six points in Northridge’s 72-45 win over Jimtown. Collin Roberson accounted for 14 points in the Warriors’ 58-44 loss to Manchester. Matt’s pick: Northridge 65, Wawasee 53.


Adams (17-1, 8-0 NIC) at Penn (7-8, 4-4 NIC): The No. 6 (Class 4A) Eagles soared to an 80-60 win over Penn during the 2019-20 campaign. Chuck Worsham netted 17 points for Adams in a 67-49 win over Michigan City. Caleb Applegate tallied 10 points in the Kingsmen’s 60-50 win over Glenn. Matt’s pick: Adams 55, Penn 49.

Bremen (7-8, 2-5 NIC) at Jimtown (4-13, 1-7 NIC): The Jimmies rolled to a 48-34 win over Bremen a year ago. Baylor Orcutt ended with six points in the Lions’ 57-33 loss to Adams. Tyler Crowder managed 10 points for Jimtown against Northridge. Matt’s pick: Bremen 51, Jimtown 48.

Career Academy (2-13) at Clay (3-15): The Colonials cruised to a 70-59 win over Career Academy in their last matchup. Tyson Henry recorded 25 points in the Trailblazers’ 64-51 loss to Westville. Johnny Watson managed six points in Clay’s 96-52 loss to Saint Joseph. Matt’s pick: Clay 66, Career Academy 52.

Elkhart Christian (7-8) at Wawasee (7-9): Noah Hunt recorded 12 points in the Eagles’ 74-45 win over Lakewood Park Christian. Kam Salazar had eight points in the Warriors’ 52-32 loss to Northridge. Matt’s pick: Wawasee 43, Elkhart Christian 41.

Glenn (13-4, 4-4 NIC) at Riley (13-4, 7-1 NIC): The Wildcats clawed their way to a 55-36 win over Glenn last year. Brycen Hannah poured in 16 points for the Falcons against Penn. Jackson Copley netted 16 points in Riley’s 51-45 overtime win at Culver Academy. Matt’s pick: Riley 71, Glenn 60.

Goshen (6-11) at Lakeland (7-7): The RedHawks coasted to a 61-52 win over Lakeland last season. Drew Hogan came up with 25 points in Goshen’s 45-31 win at Plymouth. Brayden Bontrager managed 22 points in the Lakers’ 55-46 loss to Wawasee. Matt’s pick: Goshen 45, Lakeland 40.

New Prairie (13-5, 5-3 NIC) at Marian (13-2, 6-2 NIC): The No. 4 (Class 3A) Knights crowned New Prairie, 65-47, in their previous meeting. Kole Staley mustered two points in the Cougars’ 60-50 win at Elkhart. Jameer Mayes scored two points for Marian in a 57-29 win against Bremen. Matt’s pick: Marian 65, New Prairie 61.

NorthWood (9-5) at West Noble (7-8): The Panthers downed West Noble, 52-33, in the 2020 Class 3A NorthWood sectional semifinals. Ian Raasch ended with 14 points in NorthWood’s 72-67 overtime loss to Concord. Brockton Miller accounted for 15 points in the Chargers’ 64-62 loss to LaVille. Matt’s pick: NorthWood 62, West Noble 56.

Saint Joseph (11-3) at Concord (7-7): The No. 8 (Class 3A) Indians coasted to a 55-27 win over Concord last season. Will Terry racked up 13 points for Saint Joseph against Clay. Jack D’Arcy notched nine points for the Minutemen in a 46-37 loss to Mishawaka. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 71, Concord 57.

Westview (13-3) at Mishawaka (11-2): Lyndon Miller scored six points for the Warriors against Plymouth. Caleb Williams accounted for three points for the Cavemen against Concord. Matt’s pick: Mishawaka 67, Westview 64.


Bremen (8-8, 3-5 NIC) at Riley (13-5, 7-2 NIC): The Wildcats cruised to a 72-43 win over Bremen last season. Carson Miller poured in 40 points in the Lions’ 65-64 win over Jimtown. Phillip Robles had 15 points in Riley’s 65-64 loss to Glenn. Matt’s pick: Riley 79, Bremen 55.

Elkhart (9-10, 3-6 NIC) at Clay (4-15, 1-8 NIC): Rodney Gates managed two points for the Lions against New Prairie. Christian Love recorded 12 points in the Colonials’ 75-54 win over Career Academy. Matt’s pick: Elkhart 65, Clay 57.

Jimtown (4-14, 1-8 NIC) at Glenn (14-4, 5-4 NIC): The Jimmies needed overtime to post a 53-50 win over Glenn in the 2020 Class 3A Jimtown sectional opener. Hunter Koinrath finished with six points for Jimtown against Bremen, Silas Kaser scored 13 points for the Falcons against Riley. Matt’s pick: Glenn 60, Jimtown 43.

Northridge (12-4, 4-2 NLC) at Concord (7-8, 4-2 NLC): The Raiders rolled to a 60-40 win over Concord in the 2020 Class 4A Elkhart sectional opener. Sam Smith registered 10 points for Northridge against Wawasee. Jesse Davidson came up with six points in the Minutemen’s 60-40 loss to Saint Joseph. Matt’s pick: Northridge 65, Concord 58.

NorthWood (9-6, 3-3 NLC) at Mishawaka (12-2, 5-1 NLC): The Panthers clawed past Mishawaka, 63-42, during the 2017-18 campaign. Cade Brenner’s 24 points were not enough in NorthWood’s 54-50 loss to West Noble. Maddux Yohe tallied 11 points in the Cavemen’s 52-41 win over Westview. Matt’s pick: Mishawaka 57, NorthWood 50.

Saint Joseph (12-3, 6-2 NIC) at Marian (14-2, 7-2 NIC): The No. 4 (Class 3A) Knights went to overtime to claim a 68-66 win over No. 8 (Class 3A) Saint Joseph in the 2020 Class 3A Jimtown sectional semifinals. Will Terry added eight points for Saint Joseph against Concord. Richard Brooks accounted for 20 points in Marian’s 54-35 win over New Prairie. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 75, Marian 73.

Warsaw (12-7, 5-1 NLC) at Plymouth (2-16, 0-6 NLC): The Tigers claimed a 49-36 win over Plymouth last year. Ben Bergen registered six points in Warsaw’s 69-54 win over Chesterton. Owen Yoder mustered four points for the Pilgrims against Goshen. Matt’s pick: Warsaw 43, Plymouth 30.

Washington (4-12, 2-7 NIC) at Penn (7-9, 4-5 NIC): The Kingsmen crowned Washington, 75-62, a year ago. Tyler Davis ended with eight points in the Panthers’ 49-34 win at East Noble. Seamus Penney chipped in eight points in Penn’s 73-60 loss to Adams. Matt’s pick: Penn 62, Washington 51.

Wawasee (8-8, 1-5 NLC) at Goshen (6-12, 2-4 NLC): The Warriors edged Goshen, 49-47, a season ago. Ethan Carey’s 13 points lifted Wawasee to a 47-45 win over Elkhart Christian. Zach Subera scored two points in the RedHawks’ 62-57 loss to Lakeland. Matt’s pick: Goshen 46, Wawasee 43.


Illiana Christian (12-5) at Washington (4-13): Logan Van Essen poured in 29 points in the Vikings’ 65-38 win over South Central. Jason Jones scored 17 points in the Panthers’ 61-58 loss to Penn. Matt’s pick: Washington 64, Illiana Christian 56.

Mishawaka (13-2) at New Prairie (13-6): The Cavemen clubbed New Prairie, 58-44, a year ago. SaVonn Parker netted 13 points in Mishawaka’ s 61-51 win over NorthWood. Brayden Flagg racked up 19 points for the Cougars against Marian. Matt’s pick: Mishawaka 60, New Prairie 59.

Northridge (13-4) at Valparaiso (15-3): Micah Hochstetler’s 13 points lifted the Raiders to 53-34 win over Concord. Breece Walls came up with 14 points in the Vikings’ 60-49 win against Crown Point. Matt’s pick: Valparaiso 54, Northridge 51.

NorthWood (9-7) at Saint Joseph (12-4): The Indians claimed a 63-54 win over NorthWood last season. Jamarr Jackson had 12 points for the Panthers against Mishawaka. Jack Futa was limited to three points for Saint Joseph in a 66-60 loss to Marian. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 75, NorthWood 56.

Wabash (4-12) at Warsaw (13-7): The Apaches edged Warsaw, 49-45, a season ago. Bryant Boggs added 11 points in Wabash’s 51-44 loss to Tippecanoe Valley. Bishop Walters accounted for 18 points in the Tigers’ 70-44 win over Plymouth. Matt’s pick: Warsaw 63, Wabash 51.