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The regular season ended on a fabulous note as I went 27-3 (90 percent) last week. Heading into the postseason, my overall mark is 238-76, which bump me up to 76 percent for the season.



Adams (12-12) vs. Mishawaka (12-10): The Eagles soared to a 67-58 win at Mishawaka on February 8. Shak Johnson netted 13 points in Adams’ 62-50 win over New Prairie. Sam Shively tallied 11 points for the Cavemen in their 63-44 loss at Saint Joseph. The winner meets Clay (4-17) in Friday’s semifinals. Matt’s pick: Adams 62, Mishawaka 53.

Riley (18-4) vs. Penn (19-3): The No. 9 Kingsmen edged defending champion and No. 10 Riley, 63-61, on February 2. Blake Wesley accounted for 19 points in the Wildcats’ 73-55 win at Glenn. Beau Ludwick poured in 21 points in Penn’s 78-65 victory at Merrillville. Next up for the survivor is LaPorte (12-10) in Friday’s semifinals. Matt’s pick: Penn 76, Riley 72.


Warsaw (13-7) vs. Elkhart Memorial (16-6): The defending champions Chargers earned a share of the Northern Lakes Conference title with a 48-45 victory at co-NLC champ Warsaw on February 19. Nolan Groninger racked up nine points in the Tigers’ 50-45 loss to Carroll (Fort Wayne). D’Arjon Lewis accounted for 14 points in Elkhart Memorial’s 66-49 loss at East Noble. A date with Elkhart Central (5-16) is next for the winner. Matt’s pick: Elkhart Memorial 52, Warsaw 47.


Marian (18-3) vs. Saint Joseph (12-9): The No. 5 Knights crowned Saint Joseph, 60-41, on January 8. Michael Baughman chipped in three points in Marian’s 65-48 win over Washington. Alex Mossey recorded eight points for Saint Joseph against Mishawaka. The winner takes on Glenn (10-12) in Friday’s semifinals. Matt’s pick: Marian 69, Saint Joseph 56.


NorthWood (9-12) vs. Fairfield (15-7): The Falcons slipped past defending champion NorthWood, 45-41, on December 8. Ben Vincent finished with 17 points in the Panthers’ 50-46 win over Elkhart Central. Skylar Mast’s nine points were not enough for Fairfield in a 62-60 loss to Central Noble. Tippecanoe Valley (13-9) is next for the winner in Friday’s semifinals. Matt’s pick: Fairfield 51, NorthWood 50.

Lakeland (7-15) vs. West Noble (11-11): The Lakers dropped a 65-54 decision to West Noble on January 9. Braden Bontrager finished with 13 points in Lakeland’s 65-34 loss to Angola. Joel Mast had 17 points in the Chargers’ 76-70 win over Garrett. A matchup with Wawasee (5-16) on Friday is next up for the winner, Matt’s pick: West Noble 53, Lakeland 44.


Central Noble (15-7) vs. Westview (21-5): The No. 5 Warriors rolled to a 64-43 triumph against Central Noble on January 9. Ridley Zolman managed 22 points for the Cougars against Fairfield. Elijah Hales came up with 14 points for Westview in its 49-47 loss at Concord. A meeting with Whitko (13-9) is on tap for the survivor on Friday. Matt’s pick: Westview 63, Central Noble 50.

Prairie Heights (18-5) vs. Bremen (10-12): The Lions posted a 61-43 win over Prairie Heights in the 2017 sectional opener. Garrett Culler accounted for 17 points in the Panthers’ 89-49 win over Hamilton. Dakota Schmeltz netted 10 points for Bremen in an 80-32 decision over Culver. No. 6 LaVille (19-3) is up next on Friday for the winner. Matt’s pick: Prairie Heights 45, Bremen 44.



Concord (7-15) vs. Northridge (15-8): The Raiders claimed a 78-69 win at Concord on February 8. Michael Johnson registered 27 points for the Minutemen against Westview. Alex Stauffer’s 14 points lifted Northridge to a 47-33 win over DeKalb. Matt’s pick: Northridge 70, Concord 61.

Plymouth (14-8) vs. Goshen (8-14): The Pilgrims closed the regular season with a 58-36 triumph over Goshen on February 21. Jake Reichard recorded 18 points for Plymouth against Goshen. Austin Cain was limited to three points in the RedHawks’ 65-51 loss at Marquette Catholic. Matt’s pick: Plymouth 47, Goshen 39.


New Prairie (7-15) vs. Washington (13-10): The Panthers squeezed past New Prairie, 52-50, on January 4. Jake Tuttle accounted for seven points in the Cougars’ 45-42 win against Westville. Jayne Griffin added seven points for Washington against Marian. Matt’s pick: Washington 64, New Prairie 49.

Culver Academy (18-3) vs. Jimtown (13-9): The No. 3 and defending state champion Eagles earned a 59-28 victory against Jimtown in the 2017 sectional semifinals. Ethan Brittain-Watts tallied 16 points for Culver Academy in a 54-31 win over Maconaquah. Clay Campbell mustered five points in the Jimmies’ 83-46 win at Jimtown. Matt’s pick: Culver Academy 68, Jimtown 59.



Clay (4-17) vs. Adams (13-12): The Eagles cruised to an 85-43 win over Clay on December 18. Robert Allen added 10 points in the Colonials’ 81-35 loss at Valparaiso. Quentez Columbus poured in 19 points in Adams’ 61-37 victory over Mishawaka. Matt’s pick: Adams 74, Clay 52.

LaPorte (12-10) vs. Penn (20-3): The Kingsmen were a 70-50 winner against LaPorte in the 2000 regional final. Peyton Marker finished with nine points in the Slicers’ 65-40 setback at Munster. Kegan Hoskins chipped in 12 points in Penn’s thrilling 50-48 win over defending champ Riley. Matt’s pick: Penn 65, LaPorte 56.


Elkhart Central (5-16) vs. Warsaw (14-7): The Blazers suffered a 54-43 overtime loss to Warsaw on January 26. Titus Rodgers had 11 points for Elkhart Central against NorthWood. Jaylen Reese tallied a career-high 17 points in the Tigers’ 65-50 decision over defending champion Elkhart Memorial. Matt’s pick: Warsaw 55, Elkhart Central 45.

Northridge (16-8) vs. Plymouth (15-8): The Raiders squeezed past Plymouth, 62-59, on January 25. Jackson Erekson accounted for 13 points in Northridge’s 57-42 win over Concord. Clay Hilliard tallied 12 points in the Pilgrims’ 50-43 win against Goshen. Matt’s pick: Northridge 47, Plymouth 44.


Glenn (10-12) vs. Marian (19-3): The Knights downed Glenn 60-47, on December 14. Robby Porter managed 16 points for the Falcons against Riley. Kalro Kakakia chipped in four points in Marian’s 47-34 win over Saint Joseph. Matt’s pick: Marian 68, Glenn 51.

Washington (14-10) vs. Culver Academy (19-3): The Panthers cruised to a 69-45 win over Culver Academy during the 1999-2000 campaign. DaQua Jennings poured in 13 points in Washington’s 52-38 victory against New Prairie. Deontae Craig recorded 12 points for the Eagles in their 48-35 win over Jimtown. Matt’s pick: Culver Academy 60, Washington 50.


Tippecanoe Valley (13-9) vs. NorthWood (10-12): The Panthers slipped past Tippecanoe Valley, 51-45, on February 13. Cameron Parker finished with 10 points in the Vikings’ 48-45 win over Wawasee. Jason Borkholder recorded nine points in NorthWood’s 53-33 triumph over Fairfield. Matt’s pick: NorthWood 49, Tippecanoe Valley 46.

Wawasee (5-16) vs. West Noble (12-11): The Chargers edged Wawasee, 50-48, on December 1. Keaton Dukes chipped in 12 points for the Warriors against Tippecanoe Valley. David Flores registered 21 points in West Noble’s 58-47 victory against Lakeland. Matt’s pick: West Noble 59, Wawasee 48.


Whitko (13-9) vs. Westview (22-5): The Wildcats dropped a 50-46 contest to Westview in the 2016 sectional semifinals. Spencer Sroufe registered 30 points in Whitko’s 68-54 win against Heritage. Nic Rensberger ended up with 13 points in the Warriors’ 60-47 victory over Central Noble. Matt’s pick: Westview 62, Whitko 54.

LaVille (19-3) vs. Prairie Heights (19-5): The Lancers had their 2016 season come to a close in the sectional opener with a 62-43 setback to Prairie Heights. Luke Beehler’s 21 points lifted LaVille to a 78-25 win over Oregon-Davis. Mike Perkins’ 18 points paced the Panthers in a 61-43 triumph over Bremen. Matt’s pick: LaVille 58, Prairie Heights 57.



Crown Point: Lowell (12-12) vs. Munster (21-4): The Mustangs posted a 59-45 win over Lowell on January 25. Dustin Hudak netted 20 points in the Red Devils’ 55-50 win over East Chicago Central. Jevon Morris tallied 14 points in Munster’s 50-45 win over Crown Point. Matt’s pick: Munster 62, Lowell 49.

Portage: Chesterton (18-6) vs. Valparaiso (21-5): The Vikings cruised to a 67-39 victory over Chesterton on February 15. Travis Grayson recorded 10 points in the Trojans’ 36-28 win over Michigan City. Brandon Newman had 29 points for Valparaiso in an 80-30 triumph against Kankakee Valley. Matt’s pick: Valparaiso 71, Chesterton 59.

Penn: Adams (14-12) vs. Penn (21-3): The Eagles suffered an 86-73 setback to Penn on January 4. Sydney Jeffries had 12 points in Adams’ 67-49 win over Clay. Drew Lutz surpassed the 1,000 career point mark with 20 points in the Kingsmen’s 78-52 win over LaPorte. Matt’s pick: Penn 75, Adams 60.

Elkhart: Warsaw (15-7) vs. Northridge (17-8): The Tigers clawed past Northridge, 67-56, on January 4. Blake Marsh scored 12 points, including the game-winning basket, in Warsaw’s 43-41 win over Elkhart Central. Sam Smith’s 13 points in a 58-57 decision over Plymouth lifted the Raiders to their 11th straight victory. Matt’s pick: Northridge 51, Warsaw 50.


Hammond Gavit: Hammond (16-7) vs. Gary West (16-7): The Cougars edged Hammond, 55-53, on December 7. Amari Young had 13 points in the Wildcats’ 76-69 victory over Griffith. Jimmie Washington’s 3-pointer was the difference for Gary West in a 49-47 win over Chesterton. Matt’s pick: Gary West 72, Hammond 66.

Calumet: Calumet (17-8) vs. Hanover Central (16-8): The Warriors claimed a 59-46 win against Hanover Central on December 21. Da’Vion Davis netted 14 points in Calumet’s 37-34 win over Twin Lakes. Dom Lucido added 27 points in the Wildcats’ 44-41 win over Rensselaer Central. Matt’s pick: Calumet 55, Hanover Central 52.

Jimtown: Marian (20-3) vs. Culver Academy (20-3): The Knights squeezed by Culver Academy, 39-38, on December 11. Jake Bishop contributed four points in Marian’s 60-38 win over Glenn rewarded Robb Berger with his 300th career victory. Jordon Freeman came up with 14 points in Culver Academy’s 76-60 win against Washington. Matt’s pick: Culver Academy 50, Marian 49.

Wawasee: Tippecanoe Valley (14-9) vs. Wawasee (6-16): The Warriors dropped a 48-45 decision to Tippecanoe Valley on February 22. Wes Melanson contributed 17 points in Tippecanoe Valley’s 45-41 win over NorthWood. Ben Hoffert chipped in 19 points in Wawasee’s 66-43 triumph over West Noble. Matt’s pick: Tippecanoe Valley 46, Wawasee 41.


Lake Station: Andrean (16-8) vs. Bowman Academy (13-11): The 59ers claimed a 50-38 win over Bowman Academy on January 3. Kyle Ross finished with 29 points in Andrean’s 62-56 win over Lake Station. Amari Sherrod ended up with 20 points in the Eagles’ 90-47 win over Gary Roosevelt. Matt’s pick: Andrean 54, Bowman Academy 48.

Winamac: Marquette Catholic (15-8) vs. North Judson (13-11): This marks the first meeting on the hardwood between the Blazers and North Judson. Joe Andershock netted 17 points in Marquette Catholic’s 73-64 win over Winamac. Chuckie Wilcox contributed 29 points in the Bluejays’ 64-58 win over Hebron. Matt’s pick: Marquette Catholic 64, North Judson 56.

Westview: Westview (23-5) vs. Prairie Heights (20-5): The Warriors downed Prairie Heights, 55-51, on February 8. Charlie Yoder racked up 28 points in Westview’s 60-40 decision over Whitko. Mike Perkins poured in 41 points in the Panthers’ 74-60 upset of LaVille. Matt’s pick: Westview 69, Prairie Heights 65.

Eastside: Adams Central (14-10) vs. Bluffton (8-15): The Flying Jets fell 59-50 to Bluffton on January 18. Kevin Brown finished with 18 points in Adams Central’s 54-42 win over Eastside. Landon McClish added 13 points in the Tigers’ 61-48 victory against Churubusco. Matt’s pick: Adams Central 42, Bluffton 40.


Morgan Township: Kouts (22-3) vs. Gary 21st Century (18-6): The No. 3 Cougars registered a 73-65 win over No. 5 Kouts on February 8. Cole Wireman registered 18 points in the Mustangs’ 69-51 win over Westville. Johnell Davis added 17 points in Gary 21st Century’s 69-42 win against Washington Township. Matt’s pick: Gary 21st Century 76, Kouts 70.

West Central: Covenant Christian (DeMotte) (21-4) vs. Pioneer (13-11): The Panthers eliminated No. 10 Covenant Christian from the 2016 state tournament with an 80-43 triumph in the sectional semifinals. Ben Lins managed 18 points in Covenant Christian’s 64-49 win over West Central. Haden Krinz’s 16 points lifted Pioneer to a 67-56 win over North White. Matt’s pick: Covenant Christian 58

Triton: Argos (20-4) vs. Triton (10-14): The No. 7 Dragons earned a 46-35 win against Triton on February 13.Sam Manikowski netted 30 points in Argos’ 78-28 win over Oregon-Davis. Tye Orsund mustered 14 points in the Trojans’ 45-29 win over South Central. Matt’s pick: Argos 57, Triton 46.

Fremont: Fremont (8-16) vs. Fort Wayne Blackhawk (23-2): The top-ranked Braves recorded an 83-45 win over Fremont during the 2015-16 season. Tanner Behnfeldt recorded 24 points in the Eagles’ 51-39 win over Bethany Christian. Abe Hicks contributed 22 points in Blackhawk’s 114-41 victory against Hamilton. Matt’s pick: Fort Wayne Blackhawk 77, Fremont 53.