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The polar vortex that came through Michiana limited me to a 6-3 (67 percent) record last week. With just three weeks left in the regular season, my overall mark at 164-63, which keeps me at 72 percent for the season.


Bremen (7-8, 2-5 NIC) at Penn (14-2, 8-0 NIC): The Lions dropped a 79-38 decision to No. 5 (Class 4A) Penn last year. Jacob Wunder managed only four points in Bremen’s 59-54 loss to Clay. Kegan Hoskins chipped in eight points for the Kingsmen in their thrilling 63-61 win against No. 8 (Class 4A) Riley. Matt’s pick: Penn 71, Bremen 50.

Elkhart Central (3-12, 1-6 NIC) at Clay (4-11, 3-6 NIC): The Colonials suffered 59-42 loss to Elkhart Central a year ago. Luke Teich came up with 14 points in the Blazers’ 79-50 triumph at Fort Wayne North. Jaylen Harris added 11 points for Clay against Elkhart Central. Matt’s pick: Elkhart Central 61, Clay 54.

Glenn (10-6) at Concord (4-12): The Falcons edged Concord, 65-62, during the 2014-15 campaign. Evan Dreibelbeis’ 11 points lifted Glenn to a 52-43 win over New Prairie. Drew McDougle chipped in 12 points for the Minutemen in a 55-45 loss to Prairie Heights. Matt’s pick: Glenn 51, Concord 46.

Goshen (5-10) at Lakeland (7-9): The Lakers escaped with a 62-60 win against Goshen last season. Joe Good came up with three points in the RedHawks’ 80-57 loss to Penn. Kole Miller was limited to five points in Lakeland’s 56-37 loss to Wawasee. Matt’s pick: Goshen 45, Lakeland 44.

Marian (11-3, 6-1 NIC) at Jimtown (9-7, 5-3 NIC): The No. 6 (Class 3A) Knights crowned Jimtown, 89-26, a season ago. Jerry Bracey’s 12 points couldn’t help Marian in a 58-54 loss to Elkhart Memorial. Austin Pearison recorded 21 points in the Jimmies’ 55-45 loss to Northridge. Matt’s pick: Marian 66, Jimtown 53.

Mishawaka (7-7, 2-5 NIC) at New Prairie (6-9, 0-6 NIC): The Cavemen posted a 49-31 win over New Prairie in their last meeting. Grant Jablonski tallied 16 points in Mishawaka’s 65-60 loss to Plymouth. Jacob Tuttle had four points for the Cougars in their 39-35 win at South Central. Matt’s pick: Mishawaka 55, New Prairie 48.

Northridge (9-8, 3-2 NLC) at Wawasee (5-11, 0-5 NLC): The Raiders marched to a 47-37 victory against Wawasee in their last meeting. Carter Stoltzfus scored 10 points for Northridge against Jimtown. Ethan Hardy netted eight points in the Warriors; 41-35 win over Bethany Christian. Matt’s pick: Northridge 50, Wawasee 41.

NorthWood (6-9) at West Noble (7-8): The Panthers roared past West Noble, 59-34, a season ago. Trent Edwards racked up 11 points in NorthWood’s 44-41 loss to Concord. Drew Miller poured in 24 points in the Chargers’ 60-59 loss to No. 6 (Class 2A) LaVille. Matt’s pick: NorthWood 42, West Noble 36.

Riley (14-3, 7-1 NIC) at Washington (8-7, 3-3 NIC): The Wildcats clawed their way to a 79-65 victory against Washington last year. Jalen Jennings added seven points for Riley against Penn. Jayne Griffin notched six points in the Panthers’ 71-53 loss to Crown Point. Matt’s pick: Riley 77, Washington 70.

Saint Joseph (5-8, 3-5 NIC) at Adams (7-10, 4-2 NIC): The Indians went to overtime to claim a 70-67 win over Adams a year ago. J.R. Konieczny’s 31 points were not enough for Saint Joseph in a 64-57 setback to Washington. Lyn King was held to two points in the Eagles’ 64-54 loss to Michigan City. Matts pick: Adams 60, Saint Joseph 55.


Adams (7-11, 4-3 NIC) at Glenn (10-7, 3-4 NIC): The Eagles soared to a 68-59 win over Glenn last season. Chuck Worsham finished with three points for Adams in a 79-71 loss to Saint Joseph. Jack Porter finished with two points in the Falcons’ 55-52 loss to Concord. Matt’s pick: Glenn 55, Adams 54.

Jimtown (9-8, 5-4 NIC) at Elkhart Central (4-12, 2-6 NIC): The Blazers cruised to a 50-32 win against Jimtown a year ago. Bill Pawlak’s three points were not enough for the Jimmies in their 70-25 loss to No. 7 (Class 3A) Marian. Kyran Pearson tallied 15 points in Elkhart Central’s 71-61 win at Clay. Matt’s pick: Jimtown 53, Elkhart Central 51.


Adams (8-11, 5-3 NIC) at Mishawaka (8-7, 3-5 NIC): The Eagles claimed a 60-53 win over Mishawaka last year. Shak Johnson netted 12 points for Adams in its 60-44 win at Glenn. A.J, Rosebush netted 16 points for the Cavemen in their 54-44 win over New Prairie. Matt’s pick: Adams 57, Mishawaka 54.

Clay (4-12, 3-7 NIC) at Marian (12-3, 7-1 NIC): The Knights rolled to a 69-36 victory over Clay a season ago. Nate Sanders registered 12 points for the Colonials against Elkhart Central. Jake Bishop managed two points for Marian against Jimtown. Matt’s pick: Marian 75, Clay 52.

Glenn (10-8, 3-5 NIC) at Saint Joseph (6-8, 4-5 NIC): The Indians were a 66-51 winner over Glenn in their last meeting. Carter Yung tallied 21 points for the Eagles against Adams. Alex Mossey poured in 14 points for Saint Joseph against Adams. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 61, Glenn 56.

New Prairie (6-10, 0-7 NIC) at Riley (15-3, 8-1 NIC): The No. 10 (Class 4A) Wildcats registered a 78-25 win against New Prairie last year.  Brayden Flagg’s 12 points were not enough for the Cougars against Mishawaka. Braylon Gidon chipped in two points in Riley’s 69-66 win over Washington. Matt’s pick: Riley 78, New Prairie 50.

Northridge (10-8, 4-2 NLC) at Concord (5-12, 3-3 NLC): The Minutemen are looking to avenge a 63-48 loss at Northridge last season. Camden Knepp racked up 13 points in the Raiders’ 70-49 win over Wawasee. Bradeon Taylor came up with three points for Concord against Glenn. Matt’s pick: Northridge 50, Concord 45.

NorthWood (6-10, 2-4 NLC) at Elkhart Memorial (13-4, 4-1 NLC): The Chargers dropped a 52-41 contest at NorthWood last year. Ben Vincent added 22 points for the Panthers in their 64-47 loss to West Noble. Javon Forester tallied two points in Elkhart Memorial’s 53-48 win at Goshen. Matt’s pick: Elkhart Memorial 64, NorthWood 56.

Warsaw (11-4, 5-0 NLC) at Plymouth (13-4, 4-1 NLC): The Tigers posted a 53-41 victory over Plymouth a season ago. Nolan Groninger poured in 21 points in Warsaw’s 54-43 overtime win against Elkhart Central. Joe Barron’s two points helped the Pilgrims against Mishawaka. Matt’s pick: Plymouth 42, Warsaw 40.

Washington (8-8, 3-4 NIC) at Bremen (7-9, 2-6 NIC): The Panthers pounced Bremen, 74-39, during the 2017-18 season. Jalen Miller contributed two points in Washington’s 64-61 win over Elkhart Memorial. Ryan Caldwell mustered 17 points for the Lions in their 79-50 loss to Penn. Matt’s pick: Washington 69, Bremen 49.

Wawasee (5-12, 0-6 NLC) at Goshen (6-10, 0-5 NLC): The Warriors went to overtime to claim a 51-48 win against Goshen a year ago. Ethan Hardy scored 13 points for Wawasee against Northridge. Eric Newell contributed 15 points in the Redhawks’ 53-45 win at Lakeland. Matt’s pick: Goshen 43, Wawasee 39.


Jimtown (10-8) at Elkhart Christian (9-8): The Eagles rolled to a 56-30 win over Jimtown a season ago. Clay Campbell came up with four points for the Jimmies in a 59-36 victory against Elkhart Central. Luke Burns tallied 14 points in Elkhart Christian’s 62-42 win over Granger Christian. Matt’s pick: Jimtown 43, Elkhart Christian 34.

Mishawaka (8-8) at Wawasee (5-13): The Cavemen clubbed Wawasee, 41-31, a year ago. Donovan Snyder finished with eight points in Mishawaka’s 67-59 loss to Adams. Aaron Evans had only two points in the Warriors’ 42-41 double-overtime loss to Goshen. Matt’s pick: Mishawaka 44, Wawasee 40.

Merrillville (9-9) at Warsaw (12-4): The Pirates posted a 62-45 win against Warsaw last season. Rishard Balkcom’s 22 points lifted Merrillville to a 71-68 win over LaPorte. Tyler Metzinger recorded seven points in the Tigers’ 54-41 win at Plymouth. Matt’s pick: Warsaw 49, Merrillville 48.

NorthWood (6-11) at Saint Joseph (7-8): The Indians are looking to avenge a 52-32 loss to NorthWood last year. Jason Borkholder notched 15 points in the Panthers’ 57-46 loss to Elkhart Memorial. Phillip Robles racked up 21 points for Saint Joseph in a 77-51 win against Glenn. Matt’s pick: Saint Joseph 56, NorthWood 45.

Penn (15-2, 9-0 NIC) at Elkhart Central (4-13, 2-7 NIC): The Kingsmen crowned Elkhart Central, 58-43, during the 2017-18 campaign. Caleb Applegate finished with two points in Penn’s 79-50 win against Bremen. Titus Rodgers managed just two points for the Blazers against Jimtown. Matt’s pick: Penn 76, Elkhart Central 56.

Riley (16-3) at Indianapolis Cathedral (15-4): The Wildcats slipped past No. 7 (Class 4A) Cathedral, 71-62, in their previous meeting. Blake Wesley netted five points in Riley’s 59-44 victory against New Prairie. James Franklin poured in 27 points for the Irish in their 83-64 win over Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter. Matt’s pick: Indianapolis Cathedral 78, Riley 75.

Washington (9-8) at Valparaiso (15-5): The Panthers edged Valparaiso, 52-46, last season. Demarcus Vaughn chipped in 24 points for Washington in a 77-61 win over Bremen. Nate Aerts had 14 points, including the game-winning basket, in the Vikings’ 48-46 win at Crown Point. Matt’s pick: Valparaiso 59, Washington 51.