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This year I wanted to do something a tad different for our annual CHRISTmas letter.

I wanted to share a story about the overwhelming power of prayer.

In late November, my son Randall Ryan Condry received news that he was finally approved for benefits from the Veterans Assistance for a traumatic brain injury he received while he was in the United States Marine Corps. The injury happened state-side on a pre-deployment exercise prior to his unit shipping out to Afghanistan.

The injury to his brain has wreaked havoc in his life on more than one occasion, but I will spare you all the details of what “our Marine” has endured over the course of his life since in the injury.

As with most stories, there is always a “good news” and “bad news” side of things. The “Bad” news is that it took nearly five years for Randall to get through the VA system so he could plead his case.  The “Good” news is this past fall after another round with the doctors, they determined that he is a “Disabled American Veteran”.  It’s not the worst title a person could be labeled with, but he knew this going in that there are risks and that he served his country proudly.  I am pleased to report he is making progress and on the road to recovery.

The part of the story that I want to leave you with is that from the moment Randall took that oath to serve and protect us, he was showered in prayer.  For years, there were prayer warriors petitioning GOD on his behalf.  I can tell you that every day of my life, during my prayer time, I have lifted Randall (and all of my children) up in prayer to almighty GOD.

The Bible is clear about one this, we are to pray without ceasing.  I had no idea what God’s answer would be, but I have always known that GOD answers our prayers in three ways.


I am sure we have all experienced the “Yes” and the “No” to our prayers over the course of our lives.

Sometimes it’s just that simple.  However, the “wait awhile” is the true test of our faith and obedience to our Father in heaven.  You want to know the cool thing about God?  He longs to be close to you and to give you wisdom and strength as you walk with Him.

Talk to Him, He will listen to you.

He’s always there with open arms, asking you to sit down and share your heart.  He won’t be shocked by anything you tell Him.  He knows it all already. He just wants you to lay your burdens down so He can pick it up.

I just want to remind you as we celebrate the birth of our Lord this CHRISTmas that we also celebrate that fact that the Creator of the Universe knows our needs before we even ask.

May you pray with a passion that transforms everyone around you this CHRISTmas and throughout the upcoming New Year!  Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us through the years.  We are blessed that you care enough to do so.


Paul and Tonya Condry