Fifty-four student-athletes named 2018 NFCA Division I All-Americans


OKLAHOMA CITY – Fifty-four student-athletes from 35 different institutions were selected to one of three 2018 NFCA Division I All-America teams, the Association announced on Wednesday afternoon during the Association’s annual press conference at the Women’s College World Series. Additionally, the NFCA announced its annual Diamond Sports/NFCA Catcher of the Year and New Balance/NFCA Golden Shoe award winners.


University of Oregon senior Gwen Svekis and University of Georgia senior Cortni Emanuel were named the Diamond Catcher/NFCA Catcher of the Year and New Balance/NFCA Golden Shoe recipients, respectively.


The first team is highlighted by the 34th four-time NFCA All-American in pitcher Paige Parker of Oklahoma, Schutt Sports/NFCA Freshman of the Year Jocelyn Alo and USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year Rachel Garcia of UCLA.


2018 NFCA Division I All-Americans

First Team                                                                                        

Pos.                                                 Name                                          School

Pitcher                                           Megan Kleist                             University of Oregon

Pitcher                                           Giselle Juarez                           Arizona State University

Pitcher                                           Kelly Barnhill                           University of Florida

Catcher                                          Gwen Svekis                             University of Oregon

First Base                                      Alyssa Palomino                      University of Arizona

Second Base                                 Aubrey Leach                           University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Third Base                                    Sydney Romero                        University of Oklahoma

Shortstop                                      Sis Bates                                     University of Washington

Outfield                                        Amanda Lorenz                        University of Florida

Outfield                                        Aaliyah Jordan                         University of California, Los Angeles

Outfield                                        Jessie Scroggins                       Baylor University

Utility-Pitcher                             Rachel Garcia                            University of California, Los Angeles

DP or Utility-Non-Pitcher        Jocelyn Alo                               University of Oklahoma

At-Large-Shortstop                    Holly Speers                             Kent State University

At-Large-Pitcher                         Paige Parker                               University of Oklahoma

At-Large-Third Base                  Vanessa Shippy                        Oklahoma State University

At-Large-Pitcher                         Meghan Beaubien                    University of Michigan

At-Large-Catcher                        Ivie Drake                                  Georgia State University


Second Team                                                                                   

Pitcher                                           Kylee Hanson                           Florida State University

Pitcher                                           Brittany Gray                            University of Georgia

Pitcher                                           Miranda Elish                           University of Oregon

Catcher                                          Kendyl Lindaman                    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

First Base                                      Tori Vidales                              Texas A&M University, College Station

Second Base                                 Kylee Perez                                University of California, Los Angeles

Third Base                                    Nicole DeWitt                          University of Florida

Shortstop                                      Lilli Piper                                  The Ohio State University

Outfield                                        Kaylee Tow                               University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Outfield                                        Cortni Emanuel                        University of Georgia

Outfield                                        Annie Murphy                          Boston College

Utility-Pitcher                             Savannah Heebner                   University of Houston

DP or Utility-Non-Pitcher        Taylor Rowland                       Long Beach State University

At-Large-Pitcher                         Allie Walljasper                       Louisiana State University

At-Large-Second Base              Rachel Lewis                            Northwestern University

At-Large-Third Base                  Jessie Warren                            Florida State University

At-Large-Second Base              Janae Jefferson                         University of Texas at Austin

At-Large-Pitcher                         Taran Alvelo                             University of Washington


Third Team                                                                                      

Pitcher                                           Carley Hoover                          Louisiana State University

Pitcher                                           Nicole Newman                       Drake University

Pitcher                                           Randi Rupp                               Texas State University

Catcher                                          Libby Sugg                                Brigham Young University

First Base                                      Jessica Hartwell                       Texas Tech University

Second Base                                 Sydney Sherrill                         Florida State University

Third Base                                    Jena Cozza                                 University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Shortstop                                      Alyssa DiCarlo                         University of Georgia

Outfield                                        Kara Shutt                                  Elon University

Outfield                                        Kate Gordon                             James Madison University

Outfield                                        Paige Murphy                            Eastern Kentucky University

Utility-Pitcher                             Odicci Alexander                     James Madison University

DP or Utility-Non-Pitcher        Maddie Roth                             Kennesaw State University

At-Large-Shortstop                    Meghan Gregg                           University of Tennessee, Knoxville

At-Large-Second Base              Faith Canfield                           University of Michigan

At-Large-Pitcher                         Gabbie Plain                             University of Washington

At-Large-First-Base                   Katie Prebble                            Gardner-Webb University

At-Large-Third Base                  Jenna Lilley                               University of Oregon