“Promoting education based athletics in Indiana”

When I watch or attend a big sporting event, I often wonder to myself what separates the winners from the losers? Is it preparation? Is it coaching? Is it ability?

Whether it is a team sport, or competitors going at it in tennis or golf, when two teams or two individuals are of equal abilities on a given day, I believe the difference maker comes down to COMPOSURE.

When the going gets tough and the game or match is on the line, I will take the team or individual that shows the most composure every time. While you won’t win every game or match, the percentages are with you more if you keep your composure and stay focused on the end result.

Next time you are in a tight contest or you are watching one on television, pay close attention to the teams and individuals who look composed and confident with their mind and body language. More than likely, you are looking at the WINNER!

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